Choosing the best type of range hood for your kitchen depends on several factors, including your cooking style, kitchen layout, and ventilation needs. When working with our customers, Evergreen Homes partners with our appliance supplier, Ferguson, to help you determine the best choice for your style, budget, and cooking experience. Here are the main types of range hoods and their features:

Under-Cabinet Range Hoods

Pros: Space-saving, installed beneath kitchen cabinets, typically more affordable.
Cons: May have limited airflow capacity compared to larger models.

Wall-Mounted Range Hoods

Pros: Ideal for open wall spaces, can serve as a focal point in the kitchen design, generally powerful.
Cons: Require sufficient wall space, may be more expensive than under-cabinet models.


Island Range Hoods

Pros: Designed for cooktops located on kitchen islands, often stylish and can enhance kitchen aesthetics, usually very powerful.
Cons: More expensive and require more complex installation.

Insert Range Hoods (Built-In)

Pros: Can be customized to fit with cabinetry, discreet and blends with kitchen design, good for those who want a seamless look.
Cons: Can be expensive, installation can be complex.

Downdraft Range Hoods

Pros: Pop up from the cooktop when needed, retract when not in use, ideal for kitchens with space constraints or where overhead hoods are not feasible.
Cons: Generally less effective at ventilation compared to overhead hoods, may require specific cooktop compatibility.

Key Considerations:

Airflow (CFM): The power of a range hood is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM). Higher CFM is better for heavy cooking with lots of smoke and steam.
Noise Level: Measured in sones or decibels, lower numbers mean quieter operation.
Filtration: Metal filters for trapping grease (washable), charcoal filters for recirculating hoods.
Size: Should cover the entire cooking surface, ideally extending 3 inches beyond the cooktop on each side.
Features: Additional features such as built-in lighting, automatic shut-off, variable speed settings, and remote control.

Ducted vs. Ductless:

Ducted: Vents air outside, more effective at removing contaminants, but requires ductwork.
Ductless (Recirculating): Filters and recirculates air back into the kitchen, easier to install, but less effective.


⦁ For Heavy Cooking: Wall-mounted or island range hoods with high CFM.
⦁ For Space Constraints: Under-cabinet or downdraft range hoods.
⦁ For Seamless Design: Insert range hoods.

Top Brands:

⦁ Broan-NuTone
⦁ Zephyr
⦁ Faber
⦁ Vent-A-Hood
⦁ KitchenAid
⦁ Bosch
⦁ GE

By considering these factors and evaluating your kitchen’s specific needs, you can choose the best range hood to ensure effective ventilation and enhance your kitchen’s functionality and aesthetics. Evergreen Homes works with Ferguson, our appliance supplier, to provide high-quality appliances for all the homes we build. You can visit their Portland showroom by appointment and use their demo kitchens to experiment with different appliances. Our design team would love to help you find the best option for your kitchen!

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