It would seem that after the rainy, rainy, and rainy months (did we mention how rainy it’s been?), the sun finally seems to be making itself comfortable. Which means Spring is here and we can finally get outdoors for the first time in months.

Hold that thought

Window Cleaning

A sponge and squeegee are all you need to bring the outside into focus.

When the first 70 degree days start making an appearance in the Pacific Northwest, we tend to drop whatever we’re doing and hike, bike, or do whatever we can to feel the warmth on our skin once again. But it can also be the best time to pull your house together after six months of hibernation.

Sure, you’ve been keeping the home in order, making sure things are put away and surfaces wiped down. But here are a few extra things to do get the house in good shape and ready for summer. Since you’ll be outside for the foreseeable future, your home will stay in tip top shape.

You DO do windows

Windows are the, uh, windows to the outside world. Tortured metaphors aside, a clean, streak-free window immediately make the home seem cleaner. No matter what kind of window cleaner you use – store bought or homemade (window-cleaning solutions are what the internet was made for!) – a sponge and squeegee are all you need to bring the outside into focus. Just make sure to wipe up any excess cleaner from the bottom sill.

Single-story homes should take just a few hours and no more than a stepstool or small ladder to clean the exterior windows. For second-story homes, take all the appropriate safety steps or think about hiring a professional window cleaner. It’s worth it: throwing open those shades to let the sun shine in is much better without fingerprints, smudges and whatever other residue has collected on the glass.

Out of sight, but top of mind

There are probably several things in your home you don’t think about cleaning, or just don’t want to. But a quick vacuuming or dusting will not only make your house cleaner, it will also work more efficiently.

Carpet Cleaning

Deep cleaning carpets bring carpets back to life and make the home feel and smell fresher.

Refrigerators and air conditioners use rear cooling coils to keep your food cold and you comfortable during the warmer months. But how often do you actually see the back of these appliances? The coils are a magnet for dust, but a simple vacuuming will help keep them in peak working order. Just unplug the appliances first – don’t worry, it’s a quick job and the food will be fine if you leave the door shut.

Clogged vents make a dryer work harder than it needs to. Unplug and pull out the dryer, unhook the vent, and press the vacuum into service once again. There are also brushes specifically made for cleaning dryer vents if you prefer.

Deep Down

You’ve been vacuuming the dirt and grime that gets trudged inside during the wetter months, but now is a good time to give the carpets a thorough, deep cleaning. This will bring the carpets back to life and can make the home feel and smell a little fresher. You can hire a professional to do the job, especially if you have a lot of carpet in your home, or you can rent a professional-grade steam cleaner.

The urge to get out and enjoy the sun is strong in the Spring. But spending a weekend inside will get your home ready for the summer months ahead. And who wants to think about dryer vents in the middle of July?

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