Food is one of our most basic human needs. Preparing a meal for your family or friends offers a gift of love and creates community, and the kitchen plays the leading role in that process. It can be a social place of gathering throughout the day and a space to enjoy crafting meals for your family and guests.

If you’re planning to build a custom home or thinking about remodeling your kitchen this year, home designers have announced the current trends for 2024. Unlike other years where kitchen design trends tended to be shinier and more glamorous, kitchen experts are seeing more calming and nurturing trends for this special place in your home. Communal kitchen and dining spaces are popular for households to lounge and eat together. Instead of a separate dining area, kitchen remodeling trends are favoring an eat-in kitchen with an island that accommodates everyone with comfortable stool seating, or a big dining table within the kitchen space.

Whether you’re engaged in the design process for a brand new home, or you’re planning to completely gut your kitchen and start over, or you just want to pick and choose a few simple upgrades, here are some suggestions based on current trends recommended from design experts.

Some households prefer light, bright kitchen lighting. It’s all about individual preference. However, bright overhead recessed lights can cause glare on kitchen work surfaces. A 2024 trend in kitchen design moves away from the bold statement of pendant lights over kitchen islands and dining areas and moves toward integrated under-cabinet and toe-kick lighting to add functionality and a touch of glow. Another light trend employs sconces to provide subtle lighting in a kitchen. They add a layer of lower light and look pretty when dimmed once the kitchen is closed after meals. Read more about how to choose lighting for your home here.


Paint color trends for kitchens are changing in 2024. Bright white, cool gray, as well as dramatic blues and greens are no longer as popular for kitchen colors. Warm, rich color tones are dominating paint color choices for kitchens, with rich browns, smoky blues, reds and purples infusing kitchens with a cozy, inviting atmosphere. More dramatic color choices such as burgundy and orange on cabinet knobs can add a pop of color without detracting from the welcoming atmosphere.

People love the look of natural materials for kitchen accents. Material for countertops and backsplashes is typically chosen to match for design continuity of the entire kitchen. White marble for countertops has been popular for a long time. However, white marble is susceptible to unsightly chips and stains which are difficult to repair. Some homeowners don’t mind these imperfections in marble because it gives a sense of history through the normal wear and tear of life. Another option for countertop and backsplash material is quartzite. It has a similar beauty to marble with a reflection of the natural world but can be more sustainable and low maintenance.

Cabinetry is focal point in a kitchen, and while its main purpose is to provide functional storage, the impact of your color, style, and texture choice cannot be overstated. When envisioning your kitchen color scheme, consider wood grain, stain or paint color, door style, and cabinet pulls. In 2024, the popularity of wood grain is on the rise, showcasing a growing appreciation for the organic beauty and texture of wood as homeowners embrace nature-inspired aesthetics. Browns are back in with an emphasis on lighter wood finishes like bleached-out natural woods and white oak with a light or natural tone. Continuing its popularity, two-tone kitchens are pleasing to the eye and can add a pop of color without being domineering. Kitchen experts point to how a contrasting island in earthy, muted shades of blue, gray, black and warm brown can give your kitchen distinction while adhering to the trend of creating a warm and welcoming space.

Food is life…literally the joy of every day living. With these suggestions you can create a wonderful, nurturing, and fun kitchen for your family and friends.

When you build a custom home with Evergreen Homes, you can choose all the finishes that suit your personal tastes and coincide with your family’s lifestyle, while keeping up with recent design trends, if you choose to.

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