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Whether you’re looking for a new home, or planning on building one from the ground up, new technologies can make life cleaner, easier, and safer. It’s not quite the Jetsons yet, but we’re getting closer every day.

Touchless faucets
Slicing raw chicken for a pasta dish or crumbling ground beef for taco night; adding a fresh coat of paint to the den; planting new bulbs in the flower bed.

There are any number of jobs around the house that require dirty hands. And there are an equal number of uncomfortable ways to turn on the water to wash your hands so the chicken/paint/dirt doesn’t get all over faucet, too. Maybe you use the top of your hand if it’s a lever-controlled faucet, or apply a wrist if the faucet is operated by knobs. The call of duty may even fall further down the arm to the elbows if hands are really messy.

However, with a touchless faucet, a light touch or a simple wave of the hand replaces all that contorting with one simple movement. Not only does this keep the faucet itself clean, but hands-free control can even reduce water usage. Add a touchless soap dispenser, and you won’t have to touch anything ever again… well, except for those dirty dishes.

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

Smart refrigerators
With new technology, looking for something to eat while “refrigerating the whole neighborhood” will become a thing of the past. A couple of magnets may lose their job, too.

*The Samsung Family Hub (TM) refrigerator, complete with a wifi-enabled touchscreen on the door, will let homeowners see what’s in the fridge from another room, make a grocery list, and even keep the family schedules up to date. It can even help set the mood during dinner.

The Family Hub has three built-in cameras that take a picture whenever the door is closed. These images can be seen from your phone (with the proper app) which can be handy when you’re at the grocery store and wonder if you need more milk. Although, if you have kids, you probably always need more milk.

The touchscreen can also be used for virtual sticky notes, a calendar, a weather station, and a clock. Never miss a soccer practice or be caught off guard by an upcoming recital. And, with compatible wireless speakers, the Family Hub can stream music from Pandora or TuneIn Radio. Listen to a nice concerto during dinner or funky pop during family game night at the kitchen table.

And now that you don’t need to open the door to see what’s available to eat, dad will have one less thing to pester the kids about.

Knock, knock… (you already know who’s there)
The touchless faucet and smart refrigerator help inside the home. Now it’s time for the doorbell to do some work outside of the home.

Equipped with a video camera, a video doorbell will allow you to see who’s at the door from your phone. Speakers let you to talk to visitors and delivery people while discouraging potential burglars. Although professional installation is preferred, particularly handy homeowners can install video doorbells. Just make sure the wifi signal is strong enough to reach the front door.

Some smart doorbells even act as a security device, recording any motion happening outside of the door at any time of day. Cloud storage of this video is available in certain models for up to 30 days as well.

These are just a few of the advances in home technologies that make life a little easier and safer for today’s homeowners. Sadly, a mass-produced Rosie the Robot Maid is still a few years away.

***This content was originally published on Movers.com’s guest blog on April 28, 2017. Thank you Movers.com for featuring us! 

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