Who isn’t tired of paying for gas at the pump? There’s a lot to be said for the increase in eco-friendly and efficient electric vehicles on the roads these days. Driving one yourself won’t cut down on your commute time, but it will definitely save you money on fuel and significantly reduce the maintenance costs typically required for a traditional car engine. With apps such as EVgo, Charge Northwest, and others, you can locate charging stations on road trips, so your electric car can be more than a commuter.

Electric Vehicle ChargingBy 2020, there will be an estimated 1 million electric vehicles (EVs) on American roads. As of 2018, EVs accounted for 2% of all vehicles in the United States, and while that number may sound low, consider that it doubled from 2017. Industry forecasts suggest that most EV drivers will prefer to charge their vehicles at their own homes. For homebuilders, this signals an increase in the need for residential EV-charging stations. Evergreen Homes is prepared to keep pace with the shift to EVs and is capable of meeting the needs of EV drivers.

What EV-Ready Means for Homebuilders
Even though Tesla has installed over 1,500 charging stations across the globe, EV owners do the majority of their charging at home. With the predicted increase in consumer demand for homes that are EV-ready or with residential EV-charging stations already installed, some states have begun to require EV charging infrastructure in all new single-family homes. In states not yet requiring EV-ready infrastructure, many builders are offering pre-wired or installed charging units as a value-added feature to their new homes. Evergreen Homes has the expertise to build your home EV-ready, so you’ll always have an available charging station.

Electric Vehicle Charging at HomePre-Wiring for EV
Pre-wiring new homes for EV charging during construction can save a homeowner hundreds of dollars later. There are different ways homebuilders can make a home EV-ready. One is to designate enough space and capacity on the main panel or garage panel, then install a conduit to link the panel to the location where the cars will be parked. From there, an outlet can be wired which will allow the homeowner to connect an EV-charger they purchased without incurring the extra wiring expense.

Installing Energy Star Certified EV chargers
For installing complete residential EV charging units, most builders choose ENERGY STAR certified units. ENERGY STAR certified EV chargers use 40 percent less energy than a standard EV charger in standby mode. Some models qualify for financial incentives from utility programs where available. 

If you drive an EV, or have plans to purchase one in the future, we will gladly pre-wire for or install an EV charging station in your new Evergreen Home. Talk with us about your plans to enhance your eco-friendly lifestyle choices in your new home by including an EV charging station!

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